Start your journey to better golf with a Custom Fitting

Whether you want to hit more consistent approach shots, longer tee shots, tighter pitch shots or even to sink more putts, the quickest route is to let us fit you with equipment that works with your swing, your ability and your requirements.

The best value in golf
Why buy equipment that doesn't fit you? Turn any investment in golf equipment into a great return. We only charge R200 for any fitting and if you purchase the equipment you receive your money back. These fittings  will set you on a journey to better golf and more fun.

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Expertise and Technology
We use Trackman technology to provide us with Tour-quality data on clubhead speed, path, angle of attack and face angle; and then the ball's performance including smash factor, ball speed, spin rates, launch angle, trajectory, ball flight and distance.

Using that data and 10 years' fitting experience, we can work with your swing to find the equipment technology and perfect club fitting setup to deliver you the biggest improvements as quickly as possible.

From single club to full bag assessment

We can customise a fitting session to fit your requirements. Here's a selection of some of our standard sessions. All fittings below cost only R200.

Driver fitting (45 minutes)
A Driver fitting usually adds <15 metres to a golfer's tee shot, but has been knows to add <20 metres. A driver fitting is much more than changing some weights or adjusting a face angle. It's about finding the match of swing weight, shaft flex and bend profile, loft, along with the right face profile (level of forgiveness) to get the best results.

Iron fitting (60 minutes)
Some golfers need more consistency, some want a higher launch, some want a tighter shot dispersion. Whatever your needs, an Iron fitting will make a difference. Getting the right shaft length and lie angle is a key to consistent ball striking. Matching shaft flex and clubhead technology helps us find the desired ball flight. The correct swing weight, head technology and bend profile will allow us to realise distance potential. And never underestimate the importance of grip size.

Wedge fitting (45 minutes)
The right Wedge set will allow you to hit all the distances from 100 metres in much easier and will give you the tools to get it close or make greenside recoveries. Of course, loft configuration of the wedges to give you easy distance gapping and the correct bounce to make shot making easier are high on our fitting check list. But so is the shaft and CoG placement, which both have a huge impact on launch and ball flight; and swing weight and total weight, which both impact your ability to make the shorter shots.

Putter fitting (45 minutes)
A fitted Putter allows you to set up and align your eyes, shoulders, arms, hands and clubhead perfectly, ensuring that you make more putts in the 4-15 foot range.

Full bag assessment (120 minutes)
A full bag fitting assesment allows us to build a solution made up of quick fixes, advice, proposed practice, coaching and, if required, equipment upgrades to improve your game.

Start your journey to better golf. Let us provide you with an assessment and proposed setup that will make it easier for you to play better golf and have more fun.
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