We fit you to make it easier to make square contact. But when you don’t we can still help.

Turkey awaits and our Juniors excel in term 3

Term 3 proved to be another successful period for our junior golfers in Knysna. At the end of each term Morten makes a big fuss of those that excelled and especially of those that turned up, had fun ... See more
Club makers believe that most golfers experience a breakdown in consistency at 37 inches.

The Berman Family Holiday begins today and great New Clothing for summer

So today is my last day in SA for the rest of September as my family and I make our way to Europe for an incredibly exciting holiday that will include visits to France, Turkey and ... See more

"Our passion is your golf game. Let us help you on the route to better golf and more fun"
- Peter Berman | Golf in Knysna